Daniel the Spaniel

Lovable sad-sack


Kith: Beast
Seeming: Truefriend
Court: Winter


“I’m just happy to spend some time with you.”

No-one deserves a Durance, but little Danny Spinelli may have deserved it less than many others. Sweet-natured, playful, and gentle, devoted single child to a sickly mother, he was snatched up by a spoilt Fae princess who wanted a lap-dog.

After a month of smothering and fawning and toting him around in cages under her arm, she grew bored and abandoned Danny within her sprawling manse. There he wandered, terrified, until he made his way into the Hedge, where a pack of Briarwolves chased him home.

Right into his back yard. He went inside to find his mother, dead of grief and her lingering cancer. That was where the Winter Queen found him, a little boy with spaniel ears, sitting on his pretty momma’s deathbed, having cried himself dry.

The Winter Court took Danny in, helped him accept and even deal with the crushing weight of his grief. Being their messenger gave him purpose, and the Winter Queen’s friendship gave him something to live for. He is loyal to her especially.

When he was just a child, the Winter Court treated Danny like a sheltered pet. Now, as a teenager, he is wilier and fiercer than before. Still mopey and sad most of the time, those who threaten his friends are in for a swift surprise with sharp little teeth.


Small and slight with fine features, Danny looks the kind of kid people just want to snuggle — perfect for attractive the sensitive. The huge brown eyes under his russet mop only help. He dresses in slightly oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, and worn sneakers, and likes to keep his hair under a knit cap. Danny is a bit of an aspiring folkie and carries his guitar — a gift from the Winter Queen — everywhere he goes.


Shaggy spaniel ears hang down past Daniel’s collarbones. He has a dog’s nose and tongue, and hairy arms and legs. If anything, this just makes him more cute. His eyes are almost all iris, huge and chocolate brown and agonizingly expressive. When activated, the dog stickers on his token guitar react to the music he plays on its hound-hair strings.

Daniel the Spaniel

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