The Spring Queen's general; Walking bling


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Treasured
Court: Spring


“Guess all I can do is stand here and look pretty and heavily armed.”

It can be pretty obnoxious when white people appropriate black culture. When the Others do it, it’s way worse.

THUGG LYFE RYDER (always all caps) needed a centerpiece for all his bling. He needed a Jesus for his platinum crucifix. So he grabbed a San Jose blood named Lamar Burris, had him plated in gold and gems, and crucified him.

For agonizing years, Lamar hung from the neck of a giant, walking minstrel show, living a new world of pain with every stutter-step and pimp walk. Then one day, THUGG LYFE RYDER got tired of religious bling and tossed Lamar aside. Body all-but-broken from the great fall, Lamar wrenched himself free of the crucifix and overturned a bottle of goblin fruit hooch onto himself, hoping it was made from healing fruits. He got lucky, and snuck out through the hedge.

Lamar blew away his fetch in front of his old crew, and in the ensuing standoff, told them the truth of where he’d been. They were a tight-knit bunch, and he knew things the Fetch hadn’t. They called their newly blinged-out member Ice, and he quickly rose to become their leader.

Ice tried working for the SBM, but his own desire to go legit clashed with the Autumn King’s vision for “gangstas classic.” So Ice became one of Raqui’s first recruits. The Spring Queen took an instant liking to the clever golden gangster, who quickly became her war-leader and a constant presence at the Progressive Airstrip.

His crew of eight deals pot, ‘shrooms, and X, and works security for the Spring Court while keeping their own blocks safe. For a street gang, that’s about as straight as you go, but Ice still seems to have plans for their future. After years hanging from the neck of everything wrong with his subculture, he now has his own ideas about how young black men should spend their time.


In his human guise, Lamar Burris is a lean and cut African-American male of average height, with glossy, golden-brown skin and brown-garnet eyes. He’s clean-shaven and bald and dresses without flashy adornment in baggy jeans, sagged just slightly, clean black nikes, and vests. Handsome in a gaunt and predatory way, like a young Tupac, he has a smile as sly as it is blindingly bright.


The Treasured called Ice is a man of bling — his skin is really golden, and his irises pure garnets. His teeth have been replaced by an ostentatious grill and his joints and the outlines of his muscles studded with precious stones. His Tec-9 submachine gun is a Token that Changelings can see is blinged out with opals and white gold, and he carries the three diamond-headed nails that held him to his Keeper’s cross always in his pocket.


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