Pale Katrine

The Winter Queen, Romantic Heroine


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Winter


What did I do to him? Nothing very pleasant, and nothing so bad as he deserves.

Not every Changeling is lucky enough to remember their mortal life. Katrine thinks she was a mousey teenager who fell in love with a handsome executive, let him take her away and make her his paramour. He kept his word in the fashion of the Fae, and one morning she found herself wearing a collar in a high-rise carved into a glacier wall.

He was a being of ice, and he would freeze the bits of her he didn’t like and let them melt away. He froze everything but her heart, though not for lack of trying, and when he realized she could never match his coldness, he showed her the door.

Pale Katrine had little Clarity to speak of when she emerged from the Hedge, and only the friendship of her makeshift motley helped her back to sanity. But even as a madwoman, her actions were always deftly efficient, having learned to cut to the core of any matter from her sociopathic Keeper. With her newfound Clarity came a singular vision of what she should do with her life.

The old Winter King, Rimebones, was a manipulative junkie. Katrine challenged him for his crown knowing he wouldn’t be able to fight sober, and cut his throat with her rapier just the same. She has led the Winter Court wisely and fearlessly ever since.

Pale Katrine spends most of her time in her small mansion in a more affluent part of the city, or else visiting her Motley-mate Raqui’s studio. In person, she is soft-spoken and witty, with a gracious, soothing manner. Exceedingly feminine, she is also a magical powerhouse and deadly with her rapier.

While Katrine seems to legitimately care for the Quatrine Kingdom, some whisper that her madness remains beneath the surface, like jagged icicles buried under soft snow. There is no proof of this, but her courtiers are more secretive and deadly than they were under Rimetooth. Wouldn’t she be the source?


She goes by Katherine Linton and she is gorgeous. Waves of glossy black hair, liquid blue eyes, and milky pale skin make her look like Snow White come alive. She’s all lush curves and long legs, soft and supple like a pinup girl, with a long neck and soft shoulders.

She dresses in lovely, romantic gowns to show off her shoulders, back, and bust, and likes to go barefoot when she can — after a life of danger, her feet are flawless and barely make a sound when she moves. On errands or adventures she’ll wear lacy bodice tops, leather coats, and skintight jeans with tall boots, her rapier on one hip, sighted, silenced pistol on the other.


The fairest Fairest in San Jose looks little fairer in her Mien than her Mask. Her skin is the color of sunlight on clean ice and her lips like two blue rose petals. In her wintry gowns, she looks a bit like the heroine of a bodice-ripper novel, or the kindly younger sister of Narnia’s snow queen. Katrine’s motions are languorous and gentle, until she decides it’s time to really move, and you may as well be racing a blizzard — or fighting one.

Pale Katrine

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