Mister Roboto

Yojimbo to the Daimyo, Automaton


Kith: Elemental
Seeming: Manikin
Court: Summer


Dōitashimashite1, citizen. Guardian unit is pleased to be of service.”

He goes by the name Kilroy Wasahiro, though the Lost of the Quatrine Kingdom know the Summer Court’s loyal enforcer as Mister Roboto.

If Mister Roboto is sane, or knows reality from Faerie, none can tell. He seems to fully believe himself an automaton created to be his Keeper’s bodyguard. He claims he only escaped when his Keeper disappeared, and wandered the hedge in search of a new master.

That master was Robyn Redd, previous Summer Queen, whom Clavell would never have deposed if he hadn’t first “reprogrammed” the deadly Mister Roboto. Since then, the Manikin has saved Clavell’s life several times, and been named official “Yojimbo,” or bodyguard to the Daimyo.

Kilroy lives in a tiny, squeaky-clean box of an apartment a block away from Clavell’s own home. He only speaks when spoken to in a polite monotone, referring to himself as “Guardian Unit.” He terminates anyone perceived as a threat to the Summer Daimyo with extreme prejudice.

The other courts have petitioned once or twice to try and heal Mister Roboto’s wounded clarity, but Clavell has steadfastly refused. If Mister Roboto is both happy and useful in his unique madness, it is not for Changelings to twist him into what they think is right.


To mortals, Kilroy looks like a generically handsome man of medium height and build. He hes grey eyes that match his slim-cut gray suits, and never seems to need to shave. His sunglasses are always on.


Mister Roboto looks like a visitor from the Uncanny Valley, his skin like a well-made rubber prosthetic over a metal skeleton, and if you look closely, you can see the silvery hinges at his joints. His Contracts often take the form of cybernetic implants worked into his body. Computer code scrolls constantly through his irises, projected onto the lenses of his mirrorshades, and his voice has an unnerving synthetic quality.

Yeah, okay, couldn’t resist.

1 You’re welcome.

Mister Roboto

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