Champion of Summer, Badass battle bitch


Kith: Ogre
Seeming: Oni
Court: Summer


I look like a fuckin’ samurai to you? Honor, less-than sign, broken bones.

Not all of Dove-Eater Hachiman’s Changelings got to play in his war-games. Some were just cooks or concubines or thugs. The ogress was the best of these last, one of the howling mass of blue-skinned oni sent to battle Clavell‘s raiding party. But when she reached the Changeling lines, Mushu turned and sent her war-band leader’s head sailing like a ball off a tee.

“Sellout prick,” she said, and spat on his corpse.

Savage and fearless, she guided the party straight to Hachiman’s throne room, and delivered a blow to the knee that brought his neck within reach of Clavell’s blade. She claims to have shat down the Keeper’s neck.

When the group fled back through the Hedge, the ogress was the only Changeling besides Otohime who went with them. Pledging herself at once to the Summer Daimyo, she took the name Mushu, saying, “Up to here in fish-smelling Japanese shit, thanks.”

Foulmouthed and uncouth in person, brutal in battle, Mushu earned her place as Clavell’s knight and champion through sheer cussed badassery. That’s not to say she’s unfriendly, she just hates niceties and “mincing, fruit-flavored fairy-tale fuckery.” Mushu eats raw meat, drinks bad beer, hits things with a giant spikey stick, and hangs out with Usagi at home.

If anything else needs doing, someone else can do it.


Six-foot-ten by about four at the shoulder, Mushu has bad posture, a pug nose, and mouthful of snaggleteeth. Her hands are as big as a man’s and she wears leather jackets over baggy sweaters and rumpled jeans tucked into heavy hobnail boots. Her coarse hair juts all over in greasy spikes, and her eyes jaundiced yellow.


Mushu’s muscles bulge in her baggy clothes, and her skin is a pale blue. She has four pairs of little tusks that curl outward from the corners of her top and bottom lips. Her eyes have no pupils and are just yellow. Whenever she expects to be around Lost, Mushu carries her giant tetsubo in a golf-bag.


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