Beautiful messenger


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Gandharva
Court: Autumn


_"What news do I bring? Better to face it bravely, whatever it is, yes?"

Under the name Lakshmana Ramasita, this beautiful Fairest is a successful mediator and divorce attorney, a specialist in breaking bad news well. By night, Nirvana is the SBM’s right-hand man, a negotiator and swift messenger, the face of the Autumn Court’s seedy operations.

Nirvana is a creature of vague half-answers, answering casually to both male and female pronouns, having many suitors, no known lovers, and refusing to answer any questions about gender. Most everyone in the Quatrine Kingdom wonders why Nirvina chose the Autumn Court. What is someone like that afraid of, and what do they do to instill fear?

Of course, it is Nirvana (named for the only Hindi word the BSM knew) who lets business partners know they’re in good hands… and Nirvana who tells them they will soon be in the hands of God.

Mortal Seeming

Six feet tall and stunning, Lakshmana Ramasita with fine features, full lips, and a sheet of midnight hair, and tends to dress in expensive, loose-fitting pantsuits. Most people assume they see either a very pretty male model or a confident transwoman.

Fae Seeming

To Fae observers, Nirvana appears to be a very attractive example of whatever gender they prefer, with a lean, willowy form, soulful eyes, and no telltale bulging. Nirvana’s hands and feet (kept bare when dealing with Changelings) are covered in complex Henna, and his or her high brow sports a bindi. If you like women, Nirvana seems graceful and gentle. If you like men, Nirvana seems assertive but gallant.


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