Warrior Princess


Kith: Fairest
Seeming: Draconic
Court: Summer


Who needs to breathe fire when a grenade launcher does it for you?

It’s one of the Keepers’ gifts that their Lost victims have trouble breeding true, especially as they get older. So Brigid Sayuri Clavel could rightly be seen as a miracle, conceived in her Changeling father‘s late middle age, even if her mother, who’d been Clavell’s TA, died in childbirth.

Clavell had to give up his teaching position at Stanford and take up teaching at SJSU, but he was grateful — his daughter was a living trophy of victory over his Keeper. And a glistering prize she was — brilliant, beautiful, a star athlete, a happy kid.

After 9/11, Brigid joined the Marines. On a routine bomber escort run, her AV-8B Harrier disappeared. Not shot down, not crashed. It disappeared into thin air, and the next day Clavell found a half-eaten dove on his doorstep.

Over the next decade, Brigid’s father became Summer Daimyo of the Quatrine Kingdom, and led a daring mission that brought her out of Faerie and ended Dove-Eater Hachiman in a spray of bloody sakura.

Of course by then Brigid was already Changed, a fierce Draconic warrior who served as Hachiman’s avatar of American warfare where her father had been Japanese.

Otohime, the Water Dragon’s Daughter, earned her place at her father’s right hand as a fearless warrior, shrewd tactician, and charismatic leader.

By day she runs the three San Jose locations of Santa Clara paintball, hosting a monthly invitational “Predator Party,” where the best paintballers have to bring her down before she splats them all. Thus far, she’s undefeated.


Brigid runs more to her Japanese mother’s looks, with coral lips and very dark brown hair, epicanthic folds softened by her Father’s western influence. Almost as tall as the average man, she’s fit but feminine, and tends to wear leather coats and boots with tank-tops and form-fitting pants, keeping her hair back with a headband.


Fitter and more muscular than she appears to mortals, pearly turquoise scales gleam on Otohime’s cheeks and brow, her upper back and the backs her upper arms and calves. Two horns slope sharply back from her brow, keeping her hair back. Instead of five fingers, she has three claws, and her tongue is just slightly forked at the end, yet all this only makes her more beautiful — especially her silvery reptilian eyes.


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