A very proper dolly


Kith: Fairest
Seeming: Playmate
Court: Spring


“Oh, why I’m not sure that’s proper at all!”

Susan was only a tiny child when Little Sister lured her away to be her most bestest and only friend. Like many Fairest, her Durance alternated between unimaginable fun and vicious cruelty. Little Sister’S tantrums were famous throughout the Homely House. Some nights, the other Changelings could hear the name-calling, and hitting, and crying.

But Little Sister was not allowed to take her toys out of the Playroom, so only a select few Changelings ever saw the sad little girl in her pretty clothes, or noticed that she was aging at a normal rate while Little Sister’s compact with Father kept her a little girl forever.

Pretty girls often grow into lovely young women, and Little Sister slowly began to resent her best friend, letting her fend for herself for days at a time, only to return suddenly with cruel new games to play with Sweet Little Suzie-Pie.

Susan’s fortunes almost turned for the worst when Older Brother was allowed to grow from a child to a teenager, and sent his companion-slave to abduct Little Sister’s discarded doll. But that was the same day the wolf came to the Homely House, and de Leon used the distraction to grab Susan and escape from Faerie.

Deeply traumatized by her Durance, Susan still holds to Little Sister’s thousands of rules for a proper lady’s behavior. Still, she seems brave and curious, and has several traditionally feminine skills honed to a keen edge.


Susan looks like a petite, porcelain-skinned sixteen-year-old with long legs and lissome curves, her apple-cheeked face crowned with perfect Shirley Temple curls in shiny copper, her eyes milk-chocolate brown.


In her Fae Seeming, Susan’s skin actually does gleam a bit like porcelain, her cheeks bear two ever-present red blush-spots, her eyelashes curl out dramatically, and her hair maintains its luxurious curl even soaking wet. Her curves seem to strain just barely against whatever she wears, and she moves with just enough grace to make people stare, and just enough coltish innocence to make them feel awful about it.


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