Slayer of the dead, the Autumn King


Kith: Ogre
Seeming: Corpsegrinder
Court: Autumn


“Guess what the letters stand for and win a prize, nigga. Try more than once and I’ll eat yo’ face.”

The SBM kills vampires. He killed one the night he returned from Arcadia. He killed one to take over his current criminal enterprises, dragging the Quatrine Kingdom into a two-year nightly war that ended when the Vampires sued for peace. He hates the walking dead with a boiling passion, and if he hears of one within striking distance, will hunt it down personally.

But really, that’s only a tiny bit of how the Autumn King spends his time. Day-to-day, he runs girls out of nightclubs and drugs out of barbershops. His gang, the Carrion Crew, is small, but bold, disciplined, and well-armed. Unaffiliated gangs pay tribute or bad things (first mundane, then supernatural) start to happen.


The BSM is a towering African American male, all thick, thuggish muscle, with a small head on blocky shoulders. He wears expensive, double-breasted suits in stark colors and walks with a heavy-headed cane.


The Ogre is teak-black, with a tiny head that seems almost swallowed by his shoulder muscles, and a mouth filled of rows of pointed teeth, that can drop open to the center of his chest. His hands are enormous, so big he uses the head his sledgehammer as a cane handle. The hammer’s ends are covered in meat-tenderizing spikes. The whites of his eyes are always blood red.


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