Delivery bunny


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Cleareyes
Court: Summer


Catch! Sign! Hold it out and lean back! Thanks, chief! I’ll bill you!

No one noticed when Shelly Knudsen, the street kid who worked odd jobs to get by, disappeared of the streets of San Jose, and fewer still cared when she reappeared, naked and terrified, behind a downtown dumpster.

Shelly thought her Durance was a bad acid trip, but if that was so, why did she still have the whiskers her Keeper had pricked into her face, and why were her ears still stretched out like a rabbit’s from her Keeper tying her feet down, holding her ears and walking away…

Sneaking between the alleys, Shelly could hear and see better than ever before, which helped her avoid the police and gangs — interested for their own reasons in the naked derelict — until she ran into Mushu taking a smoke break behind a warehouse.

Mushu took Shelly to see Daimyo Clavell, who gave her the name Usagi (rabbit), and began training her as a scout and messenger. The hard work and sense of belonging saved her from bedlam.

Today, Usagi is the Summer Court’s daredevil courier and fearless scout, and one of the most reliable bike messengers in town. Oathbound to one another, she and Mushu share an apartment, where Usagi keeps her three bicycles, street-legal Yamaha (for high-speed city work), and high-power dirt bike (for wilderness scouting), all of which bear her red running rabbit logo.

More than just a scout, Usagi owns a Glock, an Uzi, a bolt-action rifle, and a sling, and knows how to kill with each. She will always be exactly as armed in a given place as the law allows. She also carries a drum Token called Thumper, whose warning any Summer Courtier can hear a mile away.


Shelly is very lean the way a lifelong cyclist is lean — no fat, all wiry muscle, rabbit themed tattoos here and there — her favorite is a fleet of bunnies rushing down the sunbeams of the Japanese flag across her upper back. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a very high pony, except at the sides, where it always covers her ears entirely. She dresses to fit her job — no pants longer than her shins, loose-fitted t-shirts or tanks.


That’s not a ponytail, it’s her ears, tied together at the crown of her head, but always expressive and alert. Usagi is less a “cute household bunny” and more a “twitchy wild jackrabbit.” Her fae mien’s face is lean and pointy, with a rabbit nose and sharp whiskers, and her gray eyes are wider spaced and huge.


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