In-game calendar

A day-by-day accounting of our motley’s significant milestones and adventures.

Late August and September

S 8/30 6 13 Tony gets job at Great Bear Cafe 20 Visit to Raqui and Katrine; Katrine heals Jenny. Planning attack on Camera Cinema. 27
M 8/31 Escape from Homely House; Chased by Mercs; Taken by Nirvana to Fair Rest Inn 7 14 21 Camera Cinema burned down; Older Brother banished; Girls cured 28 Johnny and Tony work construction; Dil rediscovers Ashleigh
T 1 8 15 22 Autumn Solstice – Crown passes to SBM. Bethany arrives. 12 Dancing Princesses in the Park 29 Joel gets a job at the library
W 2 9 16 23 30 Detectives Kinneson and Choi investigate cinema fire. Herman Munster saved from hobgoblin attack
Th 3 10 17 24 10/1
F 4 11 18 Investigating sick girls & Camera Cinema 25 10/2 Ashleigh invites the Motley to live with her
Sa 5 Vigil @ Loch Lomond Marina 12 Natalie Ziff and Brittany Zamora infected by Older Brother 19 Attacked at Camera Cinema; Johnny attacked by sick girls in hospital; Jenny infected. Jenny’s dreams reveal Older Brother’s Dream Poison 26 10/3 Susie meets Toby, who offers to walk her home


S 4 11 Post-Hedge R&R; News from Lola Holiday – videotapes bought by Edward Choi, whose family owns Chinese restaurant, Nirvana jumped with his notebook, but it wasn’t on him, Clavell’s gambit against Holy Cross Duchy 18 25
M 5 Joel investigates Nirvana suicide; Tony, Johnny, Dil patrol Hedge, find Hobs working together, wearing blue armbands, and retrieve Eyesdark Currants 12 Joel and Tony break up Triad porno ring, find 2 dancing princesses doing porn; Girls strangle thugs & restaurant owner 19 Elizabeth approaches Joel — is a vampire! Asks Joel to rescue her Childe, Toby 26
T 6 13 20 27
W 7 Amberjacket infestation, Olive Here Tree cut down, Ted missing from Fair Rest; Dil & Susan escape Briarwolf at Almeda Hotel 14 21 28
Th 8 Given quests by SBM: Find Eyes-in-the-Dark Clearing, retrieve Ted 15 22 29
F 9 Motley smokes Amberjackets into Hedge; Eyes-in-the-Dark Clearing found 16 Johnny debriefs w/ Mr. Roboto 23 30
Sa 10 Showdown at Redkeep; Johnny helps Ted escape, Tony fights Toothsome Tom, everyone runs like fuck; Dinner with Edvin Sjomansson; Reporting to SBM 17 24 31 Halloween! Eyesdark Market. Tony & Johnny wrestle Santa Cruz to enter Summer Court. Fight breaks out; Dwight Slate attacks Dil & Susie, is killed; Joel saves Toby for Elizabeth; Hobs attack, Motley kills Chain Sow; Lopers enraged at lack of tribute, banish Changelings to Hedge w/ Wyld Hunt coming


Adventures in the Hedge and Hotel


S 11/29 6 13 20 Joel meets Katrine to pass on seasonal mantle; Motley receives warning about vampire ambush 27
M 11/30 7 14 K.J. and Gretchen escape Arcadia 21 Vampires ambush Joel and Katrine after mantle is passed. Joel and Tony attend Autumn meeting. Stag-Hart brings K.J. and Gretchen to SJ, where they’re are ambushed by Freebooters. Meeting w/ Vampire Prince at Killian’s 28
T 1 8 15 22 Bomb destroys Killian’s Red. Johnny saves Susie from trip to Oakland. Toby saves Tony from explosion. Vampires in the Hedge. Dil Dominated. 29
W 2 9 16 23 Gretchen & KJ help seek Maribel. Motley investigates Thornskimmer camp. Gretchen finds fishy scent at Killian’s ruins. 30
Th 3 10 17 24 Freebooter interrogation. Gecko joins Autumn Court. 31
F 4 11 18 25: Christmas Train job! Maribel saved but train explodes, killing all aboard. Stag-Hart invites Motley to Santa Cruz. 1/1/2021
Sa 5 12 19 Motley returns to San Jose; Hospital raid; Joel crowned King of Autumn 26 1/2/21

In-game calendar

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