New Ogre Kith


Seeming Blessing: Bruiser- 1G/1 Scene. On any successful attack, roll one die. On a success, the attack deals an additional 1B, regardless of the weapon’s damage type.

Many Ogres serve their keepers as enforcers, but a towering goliath makes one sort of fearsome impression, a bellicose little shit makes another, and a whole crew of the same makes another still. Sometimes a Keeper goes for the third kind of intimidation, and turns his Changeling slaves into Redcaps.

In folklore, Redcaps are belligerent dwarfs who haunt the borderlands between warring kingdoms, cruelly slaughtering interlopers from both sides who happen upon them, a supernatural reminder that contested borders mean death. They haunt abandoned castles, broken-down boweries, and roadside ditches, waiting for their next unfair fight.

Redcaps embody the low-down, mean-spirited brutality of the forest brigand, the inner-city thug, the soccer hooligan. Their durances were usually spent alongside others of their kith in roving, wrecking, bands of bruisers, accosting anyone — changeling, hobgoblin, or even curious Other — who wandered alone in the upside-down cities or fleshy forests of their abductors’ demesnes. Whether their victim was innocent or helpless or unbeatable made no difference. Redcaps exist to fight and bleed and fuck shit up, walking reminders that vicious violence is only ever a turn of the corner away.

Spending their durances together, Redcaps tend to only be comfortable around their kithmates, and this holds over when they escape Faerie. Rare is the Redcap who joins a Freehold. Instead, they seek out (or are sought out by) fellow Redcaps, who invite them to join the nearest Redkeep. From these forbidding Hollows, Redcaps act as mercenaries, selling mayhem to the highest bidder. Visitors to a Redkeep might think these Changelings make a poor mercenary force, what with their constant infighting, violent pranks, and jockeying for position. But Redcaps embody the phrase “No one hurts my brother but me!” and will gather like a thundercloud of hobnail boots and swinging fists against anyone who attacks the clan.

Those few Redcaps who do join freeholds tend be individualists who resent everything about their slavery, and would rather die than be part of another mob. Most tend to be Summer Court warriors or Autumn Court harriers, but the odd Spring punk-rocker or pensive Winter “retired O.G.” is not unknown.

The smallest Ogre kith, Redcaps tend to be short, stooped, with broad shoulders and bandy legs. Their skin is either drunken-ruddy or jaundiced yellow, with upturned or even skeletal noses, and wrinkled, tight-drawn skin. A Redcap’s oversized mouth countains one or two rows of chipped and crooked tombstone teeth, and has worm-like lips. They have beady eyes, and tend to grow long, wispy white beards — the females too. They have oversized fists and feet, with knotted knuckles.

The Redcap’s trademark headwear can take any form, but will always be stained red with blood. It’s said a Redcap who wears no hat will bleed from the crown until his hair lets him live up to the name.


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