Experience Point Total
155 as of 12/06/15

XP total – K.J. & Gretchen

XP per session

Episode 5
Midseason finale 10
Season finale 15

Current Caps

Wyrd 2
Mantle 2
Primary Court Goodwill1 1
Number of separate Hollows per Changeling 2
Max. Merit dots per Hollow per Changeling 2
Max. rating of a shared Hollow attribute 4
Number of shared Hollow attributes at max. rating 2

Experience Costs

XP costs are as described on p. 77 of Changeling: the Lost, although Wyrd has been house-ruled to cost less, as described below.

Changeling XP costs

Trait XP cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Specialty 3
Affinity (Seeming/Court/Common) Contract New rating x 4
Other Contract New rating x 6
Goblin Contract New rating x 3
Merit New dots x 2
Wyrd New dots x 4
Clarity New dots x 3
Willpower 8 x dot

1 Your Court Goodwills will always be tiered, so at 3 Wyrd, you can have 2 points in one Goodwill, 1 point in another, and so on. In theory, at Wyrd 10, you could have a 5 Court Goodwill in the three other seasonal courts, the Dawn Court, and Dusk Court, plus a 4 Goodwill in the mysterious Equinox Court. You would suck at everything, but could maybe be elected Changeling president?


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