Like all supernatural beings in the World of Darkness, Changelings have a unique moral compass — your sense of personal wholesomeness and sanity derives not from an objective barometer of good and evil but from a subjective rubric tailored to your milieu. No longer fully human, Changelings are forever immersed in the maddening magic of Glamour and Wyrd. Clarity represents your ability to tell the world from Faerie, dreams from reality, the natural from the unnatural.

A Changeling’s Clarity is measured by his stability, compassion, and independence from magic — by how little he resembles the Others. Changelings with a low clarity are erratic and cruel, profligate with their chaotic magics, and like the Keepers, often insane.

Breaking Points

Whenever a Changeling commits an act listed on the Breaking Points chart below, he must roll the number of dice listed next to that act. This is called a Degeneration roll. On a failure (no successes rolled), the Changeling loses 1 Clarity. On a success, you lose no Clarity.

No roll is necessary if the sin applies to a higher Clarity than the character possesses. A Clarity 7 Changeling can enter the Hedge and use magic with impunity, for example.

If multiple sins can describe the same act, always use the lowest rating sin.

A Changeling whose Clarity is less than 7 or lower and who fails a Degeneration roll. See WoD99-100 for information on derangements. Any derangements gained this way persist until you regain the lost Clairty point that triggered the derangement.

Changelings are not immune to breaking points triggered from satisfying either Virtue or Vice.

Breaking Points table

Clarity Breaking Point Dice
10 Entering the Hedge. Dreamwalking. Using magic unnecessarily. Minor unexpected life changes. 5
9 Using tokens/mystical items. 1 day w/o human contact. Minor selfish acts. 5
8 Breaking mundane promises/commitments for faerie reasons. Changing Courts. Accidental or intentional injury to others. 4
7 Taking psychotropic drugs. Serious unexpected life changes. Petty theft. 4
6 Revealing your true form to unesorcelled mortals. 1 week w/o human contact. Obvious magic in front of witnesses. Grand theft. 3
5 Killing another Changeling or a fetch. 3
4 Breaking formal oaths/pledges. Extreme unexpected life changes. Impassioned or impulsive serious crimes. 3
3 Harming a mortal through Dreamwalking. 1 month w/o human contact. Kidnapping. Developing a derangement without a failed degeneration roll. 2
2 Killing a human. Casual/callous crime against other supernaturals. 2
1 Spending time in Arcadia. Prolonged or intimate contact with True Fae. Mortal identity suddenly or unexpectedly destroyed, abandoned, or fundamentally changed. Serious torture, depravity, perversion. 2

Benefits of Clarity

Keen Senses

Changelings with Clarity 8+ gain +2 dice on all rolls related to sensory perception.


Changelings with Clarity > 6 can spend 1WP to ask the storyteller to secretly roll their Clarity to detect the presence of the supernatural nearby.

DF: A potentially disastrous reading the situation, or a serious sensory overload that imposes a small penalty and renders Kenning useless for the remainder of the scene.
F: No clear impression.
S: Each successes reveals the presence of one nearby supernatural being, item, or effect. Will not detect anything actively concealed with magic, but will spot supernatural individuals even if engaged in mundane activity.
ES: Possibly gives a hint as to the detected subject’s true nature. Might also become aware of mystically concealed targets – not enough to locate, just to become aware of their existence.

Drawbacks of Clarity

  • -1 penalty to all Perception rolls for every 2 points below Clarity 7.
  • Characters who reach Clarity 0 become unplayable lunatics and are removed from player control.

Regaining lost Clarity

Unlike mortals, who can be awarded Morality dots for penitence or good works, Changelings must always spend XP to regain Clarity.


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