Wyrd is the core measure of a Changeling’s power — essentially your “Changeling level.” The more you develop your Wyrd, the more magically potent you become, but your emotions and Mien intensify, making it difficult to hide your Changeling nature.

Benefits of Wyrd

  • Glamour – Wyrd determines how many points of Glamour you can spend in a single turn, and how many total points of Glamour you can store.
  • Attributes and Skills – At Wyrd 6+, you may increase Attributes and Skills beyond 5 dots.
  • Goblin fruits – Your Wyrd determines how many goblin fruits you may carry at once
  • Pledges – The number of Glmaour-infused vows you may have active at one time is equal to your Wyrd +3. If at capacity, you must be released from one of your extant vows, or the new vow will simply fail, and all Changelings involved in the new vow will know they are not mystically bound.
  • Dreams of Faerie – The higher your Wyrd, the more often and vividly you dream about your Durance, and how well you remember those dreams when you wake.
  • Remembering dreams – Add your Wyrd rating to any rolls to remember or interpret a dream.
  • Supernatural Resistance (CtL169) – Almost always add your Wyrd when making a contested roll against mystical powers. This is your primary means of defense against other supernatural beings.
  • Aging (CTL174-5) – The higher your Wyrd, the longer your lifespan, and the larger your dice bonus to ward off the effects of aging, or your Infirmity Bonus
Wyrd benefits table
Wyrd Stat Max Max G G/turn Bedlam Frailties Dreams of Arcadia Longevity Infirmity Bonus
1 5 10 1 Forget upon waking, remembering confusing fragments 10 years +1
2 5 11 2 As 1 20 years +1
3 5 12 3 As 1 30 years +1
4 5 13 4 Remember as much as you forget, and memories are preserved intact, like fading photos 40 years +2
5 5 14 5 As 4 50 years +2
6 6 15 6 1/chronicle 1 minor As 4 60 years +2
7 7 20 7 1/story 2 minor Dream often and clearly of Arcadia 75 years +3
8 8 30 8 1/session 1 major, 2 minor As 7 90 years +3
9 9 50 10 1/day 1 major, 3 minor As 7 105 years +3
10 10 100 15 1/scene 2 major, 3 minor Frequent and very real dreams of your Durance 130+ years +4

Incite Bedlam

Changelings can channel their energy to send a desired emotional response into all those around. Subjects who fail to resist become consumed by the emotion and abandon all other activities in favor of following their new passion.

Bedlam can only release the the four primary emotions of the courts — desire, wrath, fear, sorrw. You cannot send nuanced emotional messages or specific commands, and may yourself become the target of your victims unless you score an Exceptional Success on your roll to incite Bedlam. It’s possible to try and influence victims through subsequent actions, but this depends on play and the individuals involved.

Bedlam always targets the maximum people in closest proximity to you at the time, including allies. There is no way to change targets.

To incite Bedlam
Cost: 1WP + 1G
Roll: MAN + Wyrd vs. subject’s COM + WYRD
Action: Contested, resistance reflexive. Number of targets = Changeling’s dice pool before modifiers.


Dramatic Failure: Target does not feel what you desire, immediately feels a strong antipathy toward you, and is ummune to further Bedlam attempts by you for the rest of the story.
Failure: No result.
Success: Target is caught up in the desired emotion and included to act upon it for the rest of the scene. While not completely irrational, will always choose to act on instinct and emotion rather than logic or reason. Not blind to danger, will not commit suicidal acts, but judgment will be impaired. Does not recognize anything usual about their own behavior, but may question it after the scene. Supernatural creatures or those familiar with the supernatural might suspect magical influence.
Exceptional success: Subjects will find a way to rationalize their behavior based on their own desires, and not think to investigate unless given a strong reason. Subject may also frequently dream about the episode.

Possible Modifiers
Mod Situation
+3 Unleashing Court emotion
+3 Target has major derangement (only counts once)
+1 Emotion is from your adjacent court (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter)
+1 Target is already feeling similar emotions
+1 Target has a minor deragenement (only counts once)
+/-0 Changeling is Courtless
-1 Target is calm and relaxed
-1 Emotion is from secondary opposed court (Summer/Autumn, Spring/Winter)
-3 Target is feeling emotions strongly opposed to those unleashed
-3 Emotion is from primary opposed court (Summer/Winter, Spring/Autumn)

Drawbacks of Wyrd

  • Visibility – The higher your Wyrd, the more of an interest the Others take. Changelings with Wyrd 6+ will often attract the attention of Gentry who never would have noticed them before.
  • Addiction – At Wyrd 6+, you can only go 11 – Wyrd days before needing a new infusion of at least 1/2 your Wyrd in Glamour, or you will suffer 1L each day afterward, which cannot be healed or blocked until you harvest Glamour again.


Quirks of a Changeling’s magical nature, frailties are afflictions that limit your behavior as your Wyrd increases. There are two types of frailties.

  • Taboos – Behavioral restrictions that compel or forbid you from committing certain acts in certain situations
  • Banes – A person, object, or situation that can injure you. Damage caused by a bane automatically bypasses all armor and magical protection and cannot be healed while you remain in its presence.

You suffer a -3 (minor) or -5 (major) penalty to all rolls to take action against the source of the frailty rather than avoid it or flee.

See CtL87 for information on constructing Frailties.

Decreasing Wyrd

Take the following steps to decrease your Wyrd:

  1. Make the conscious decision to lower your Wyrd score. This step is necessary.
  2. Rid yourself of all Glamour in excess of the minimum to avoid Glamour Deprivation (see Addiction, above)
  3. Do not ensorcell mortals, use Contracts or supernatural merits, cross into the Hedge, dream walk, attempt other magic (completely passive effects like your bonus Specialty will not cancel your fast, but you must downplay or ignore them)
  4. Maintain such an existence for one month per current point of Wyrd

At the end of this period, you will lose a point of Wyrd and may continue the process as long as you like, lowering your Wyrd to a minimum of 1.


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